What is counselling?

  • The ultimate goal of counselling is to enable people to live more effectively.

  • Counselling offers a safe, confidential, non judgmental space in which people can face their lives and make sense of what they are feeling whilst supported by an experienced therapist.

  • Counselling does not tell people what to do, but through support and gentle challenging it enables people to gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they are in relationships.

  • The therapeutic relationship which is established is key, and can facilitate reflection and a greater understanding of self and of the negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that people can get stuck in.

  • From new insight, healthier choices and ways of being can be achieved.

    How long does it take?

    The length of work is tailored to each individual's need and circumstance.

    Counselling may be short term (e.g. 6 weeks) when addressing a more specific problem, or it can be open-ended to explore more complex and deep seated issues in greater depth.

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